Volunteers make this sale a success!

Why should I volunteer?

  • Volunteers are able to shop at the pre-sale before the new moms and the general public.
  • Volunteer for one 3 hour shift and receive one Volunteer Presale Pass.
  • Volunteers for two 3 hour shifts and receive a Volunteer Presale pass and an extra 5% of your selling price on your items or 2 Volunteer Presale passes!
  • Volunteer for three 3 hour shifts and receive a Volunteer Presale pass and an extra 10% of your sales of your items or 3 Volunteer Presale passes!
  • Consignors who volunteer to work the after sale sort will receive their cheques at the end of their shift. (not applicable to Childcycle2Go sale)


April 27th to May 1st

From 8 AM till 9 PM

Who Can Volunteer

Anyone over the age of 13 can volunteer at our sale
  • We do ask that those between 13 and 16 years of age volunteer during the same shift as a parent/guardian.
  • You do not need to be a consignor to volunteer but we require you to work your volunteer shift before the presale. (you will be given your Presale pass at that time)
  • Consignors can use a proxy to volunteer for them!
  • Men are welcome and needed! Ladies volunteer your husbands / Boyfriends / Significant others and shop the Presale with their pass (just remember to get their okay first!

What is required of a Volunteer

Duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Set up of tables racks and signs
  • Item check in
  • Item placement
  • Organizing during the sale
  • General tiding during the sale
  • Security during the sale
  • Helping with checkout during the sale
  • Head counts at doors
  • Disinfecting of surfaces and/or peoples hands upon entering
  • Sorting after the sale
  • Tear down of tables and racks after the sale
  • Assisting with pick up after the sale
  • Other responsibilities as needed

Volunteer Presale

Childcycle2go Spring & Summer 2021


You get to shop before the new parents, before the Supporting Heroes and before the general public!
Volunteering gives you the best chance to get what you want!

Get the latest in contests, news & updates from Childcycle Consignment Sale - your favorite consignment sale in Manitoba!


Sell your kid's clothing, toys, baby equipment and furniture! Take home more profit then you would receive from any children's consignment store in Winnipeg!

Childcycle2go Spring & Summer 2021

  • April 20
    Volunteer, Supporting Heroes, New Parent, Friends of Consignors presales
  • April 23-28

    Public Sale

  • April 29-30

    50% off select items

  • May 4
    Consignor Drop off by appointment only
  • May 7
    Shopper Pickup Via Appointment
  • May 8
    Shopper Pickup Via Appointment

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